About Us

Regie commits himself to providing and facilitating opportunities for you to increase communication skills, leadership ability, and self-presentation. Regie understands the difficulties of speaking in public and seeks to provide training for you to overcome your fears of speaking.

Regie has invested 11 years of his life to his career as a public speaker and personal coach. Regie’s three main goals in his coaching and training are:

1. Support through belief – Gain perspective on your individual goals and desires with Regie’s guidance and experience.

2. Strength through words – Words are power. Learn how to use words to your best advantage when talking with anyone within a corporate or social setting.

3. Sustainability through precepts – Learn Regie’s successful speaking tips that will keep you in control of your conversations and speaking opportunities.


Focused specifically on young adults and children. Regie focuses his public speaking efforts to help teach young adults and children that public speaking isn’t scary. The goal is to help you, realize and overcome your fears of talking with people, especially people of higher authority.

Support through belief. What you believe determines your reality. Change the way you think about interpersonal communication, and discover you are capable and deserving of whatever it is you desire. Believe you can, and you will.

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Personalized training for: goal-setting, SMART goal training, networking, media relations, communications, and organization skills. Each of these categories helps your success in your career and ability to find stability in whatever you choose to do.

Strength through words. Words and actions form your character; challenges form your strength. Your character is a product of your environment from the time you’re young you are leaning and developing who you are. A positive character allows you to be more confident and courageous in your life, which will make you successful. Lack of confidence can be overcome, learn how from Regie’s personal coaching workshops.

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Helping companies get started and off the ground is the focus of this program. Regie discusses how businesses work internally to reach individual and group goals. Regie facilitates discussion within a business to help them realize their potential and their desire to move forward.

Sustainability through precepts. Every business needs a strong foundation based on precepts established by leadership in order to succeed. Your precepts are you beliefs and characteristics that are strengthened through challenges. Your foundation will predict your sustainability. Strengthen your foundation to increase confidence and communication ability.

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